About Opole

Opole has a unique atmosphere that is created by students. Student culture, student entertainment, student life style are present here at every corner. 
Opole is the capital of the smallest region in Poland, nonetheless, here studies the most substantial number of students, in proportion to one resident. Combining it with cozy and charming surroundings, where everything is close to you and the centre that looks dignified and splendid… Altogether it gives the impression, that can only be compared to the one, which you get from old student cities in Italy, Germany and France. Despite the modest size of the city, here you will find a great deal of truly alluring places. At this place you can explore one of the vastest zoos in the country, Amphitheatre, where the loudest Polish festival takes place, the most curious museums, numerous sport centres that you must see.

More than 36 thousand young people study in six higher educational institutions in Opole.
 Taking into consideration all the citizens of Opole, we can state that during school year, every third person you see is a student.

What is important Opole takes second place in the rate of the most inexpensive cities in Poland.

Campus is located in beautiful and quiet part of the city, not far from the centre, two theatres, cinema, swimming pool, two fitnes centres, sports stadion and numerous coffee shops.
 On the territory itself is placed Student Centre of Culture and all-year stadion “Orlik” with artificial lightning.
The most significant, the loudest and the most thrilling student event  Piastonalia, during which the students become the citie’s authorities and start their ruling. Piastonalia is a wonderful spring festival, during which students have as much fun as they want, without any worries about classes (because they are called off).

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