Classes of Polish Language

The classes will be provided on all levels of knowledge (elementary, intermediate, advanced). The recruitment to the groups listed will be based upon the results of an on-line test, that will demonstrate your knowledge of Polish, that will enable us to place you into the appropriate group. The lessons will be given by higly qualified specialists, workers of the Institute of Culture and Polish Studies, who will prepare you interesting classes, using the most contemporary materials. You will enjoy 85 hours of grammar, reading, listening, conversations, and other exercises that are necessary for quick and thourough studying of Polish language, during 3 weeks. Classes will be combined with visiting the most significant places of interest of Opole region, thrilling games and other attractions.

Opole - intercultural city

Opole has a unique atmosphere that is created by students. Student culture, student entertainment, student life style are present here at every corner. Opole is the capital of the smallest region in Poland, nonetheless, here studies the most significant number of students, in proportion to one resident. Combining it with cozy and charming surroundings, where everything is close to you and the centre that looks dignified and splendid… Altogether it gives the impression, that can only be compared to the one, which you get from old student cities in Italy, Germany and France. Despite the modest size of the city, here you will discover a great deal of truly alluring places. At this place you can explore one of the biggest zoos in the country, Amphitheatre, where the loudest Polish festival takes place, the most curious museums, numerous sport centres that you must see.

Welcome to Opole University

Opole University was founded in 1994, by combining the excellentest pedagogical school in the country with Opole filial branch of Catholic Lublin University.

The university has a great academic potential, generated by entitled lecturers’ department, numerous specialists, laboratory assistants, IT and media centres, and although magnificent libraries.

Opole University continuously thrives and enriches academic offers, collaborates with other teaching institutions, and businesses within the country and beyond its borders, stimulates its students to participate in internships in different nations or scholarly exchange (Erasmus programme, Europe Master Studies), provides them with scholarships, gives all the chances and opportunities to realise students‘ interests in Students’ Council, Science Circles, in the fields of culture, sport or entertainment.

Travel Back in Time in the Park of Science and Entertainment

It is a tremendous complex, with various sources of amusement for the whole family, both for elder and younger generations. Location of the park is unrandom. Within its borders excavations are constantly carried out, that result in unique findings. One of the ancientest fossils, that was found there, is as old as 225 million years! On one of the documental locations, TRIAS were found the remains of a previously unknown dinosaur, that later was named Silesaurus opolensis (“Silesian lisard from Opole“). This unusual finding is presently available for everyone in JuraPark, what is what’s more important it is presented in quite a spectacular way. 

Closer to the Nature with Opole Zoo

Opole Zoo is a green oasis of peacefulness and relaxation right in the centre of the city, located in the woods on Bolko Island.
It was initially created as miniature zoo back in 30th. Through its 80-years-old history, it was virtually destroyed twice.In 1953, after the World War Second and in 1998 after a massive flood that scattered through Opole and the whole region. The zoo takes 20 ha and takes care of more than 1,000 animals, that represent approximately 130 species, offering their modern zoogeographical exposition.

Opole - the Capital of Polish Song

The title of the most singing city is accurately represented in the Museum of Polish Song with modern multimedia exhibition that is placed in Opole Amphitheatre. The exhibition is nicely presented in chronological order: from the beginning of XX century to modern-day times, although divided certain periods, taking into consideration historical, social and cultural backgrounds. The Museum of Polish Song is one of its kind in Poland, which aims at maintaining a database about Polish song, its preserving and popularisation.

Talk sports...

Movement serves as the basis of life!That is why we are not making an exception for our Summer School. The learning of Polish language will be as well combined with sport activities. Opole remains a lively city and it gives an opportunity to access sport stadion for playing football and volleyball. The public swimming pool Wodna Nuta offers a range of in-water activities, and Kwatera Główna Opole guarantees unforgivable emotions from playing LaserTag.

The best Polish cinematograph

You will be spending your evening learning more about Polish cinema art, that is one of the most efficient ways of emerging into Polish culture. You will be watching Polish movies that were given the most significant awards on world’s festivals. Movies about love, dramas, horrors, comedies, everything to your taste is available at the Opole cinema “Helios.